To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!

With the number of infected cases going down, will we be saying goodbye to our home offices?

Think about it - you wake up at 7, prepare yourself for work that is going to start at 9am. On top of that, once you're done with your day you have to be stuck in the jam for another hour- or two in some cases.

According to the Washington post, the average American is travels 26 minutes to their jobs.  A study of more than 34,000 U.K. workers found that people with long commutes are 33 percent more likely to suffer from depression; 12 percent more likely to report work-related stress; 21 percent more likely to be obese; and 46 percent get less than seven hours of sleep each night. Let that sink in..... with that amount of hours accumulated, think of the things you can do instead!

On the other side of the story,  Covid-19 has messed many peoples' career or even the ability to provide. For instance, you have the tourism industry where the pandemic has brought the industry to a complete standstill being one of the worst affected industries to date. Realistically, tourist guides are unable to work from home because their work is fully physical right?  

Should companies just stick to having a remote working style for their employees?

Here is what we think!

Unless you're a front liner, or your job needs to be done psychically, it is best to work remotely, because what matters more would be the outcome and performance of your work!

This is how it looks like when truck drivers work from home

However, there are times where meeting physically helps. Meetings and lunch time helps one from feeling lonely, and also gives one a sense of belonging to an organization!

Working at a office is great for brain storming sessions and getting quick responses!

If you are feeling lonely, you should try to pick up new skills! Come join our social learning platform, PATHFORGE! We have many lessons that could fill up your free time while upskilling yourself !

What's important is that you can also monetize your skill if you have one!

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