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Gone were the days where documents are stacks of papers, Google Docs and Microsoft Word allows you to prepare, send and sign it over the internet. You do not need to be physically together with your friends to play a game of  Monopoly or Uno, all you need is a smart device. But have you ever wondered what powers all these amazing applications? Lines and lines of codes!

Coding is the computer language used to build apps, websites and softwares.

According to a survey of 26 million job postings by job market analytics firm Burning Glass, about 50% of jobs paying $57,000 or more anually are occupations that requires the applicant to have at least some computer coding knowledge. In fact, on average, jobs requiring coding skills pay $22,000 more per year than jobs that don’t. They also rank among the top ten highest paying jobs. Besides, coding for kids becomes rewarding when it makes them a desirable pick for recruiters, as it adds versatility to their skill set.

Coding is now a necessary literacy in this digital era.

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Coding isn't as complicated as you think it is!

Coding is a skill kids can easily grasp! All it takes is some brief introduction and some exploring! The knowledge allows children to understand the technologies they use around them instead of just passively consuming it.

Here are some reasons why kids should learn coding

Learning coding is like learning another language

Children should be introduced to different languages as early as possible. It allows them to grasp hold of the world better. Coding is the language we use to communicate with computers and by learning coding, it provides an avenue for a child to communicate more directly to the technology around them and understanding the technologies better.

Coding encourages creativity

Similiar to how learning a spoken language allows us to express ourselves, coding empowers kids to create new things instead of just consuming it. Instead just playing a video game, it allows them to creatively create a game, website or an app they have in mind.

Coding improves computational thinking

Coding is more than just typing lines and lines of code. Rather, it teaches children how to think differenty. an effective coder is a great logical thinker. They are able to take a large problem and segment it into smaller chunks so that it chould be solved in an effective manner.

Coding develops resilience and instills persistence

Oftentimes while coding, we would not be able to achieve what we envisioned during the first attempt. It typically requires multiple attempts of trial and error. By learning to code, children learn to fail gracefully and learn from their mistakes. Coding teaches them that success is usually the end product of a combination constant hard work and some failure.


kids tend to pick up new skills easier and faster than adults. Just like learning to ride a bike or learning a musical instrument, it is always better to introduce at an early age.

Coding is now no longer an "exlusive skill" to computer scientists only. Almost all professions do require coding is some manner.

Currently we are organising web development classes targetted for children. Contact us to find out more!

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