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More often than not, you will be faced with the need to pick up a new programming language in your workplace. It could be something new and hasn't been taught before in schools or even the company's own programming language.

With that in mind, you will need to adapt quickly and be able to learn new programming languages fast. How are you going to learn multiple programming languages if you have been learning one programming language for your whole coding life?

The answer is to become a Polyglot Programmer.

A polyglot programmer is someone who can write code in multiple languages. Most of us are already using multiple programming languages. Someone working on web apps uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Similarly, backend services might be written in a specific language, but the developer might still be using SQL for database queries or YAML for configuration files. - Packt

Benefits of being a Polyglot Programmer

  1. Increases employability. By having vast knowledge of multiple programming languages such as object oriented languages as well as functional programming languages, you will be able to stand out from the crowd due to your ability to use the different properties of these languages to your advantage.
  2. Diverse selection of jobs and higher job prospects. Back in University, I wish there was more focus on learning multiple languages compared to just learning one language. Now that I am a job seeker, it has been difficult for me to find a job due to the extensive job requirements of knowing so many languages that are new and definitely not taught in school. Therefore, learning multiple languages to build your coding foundation is important for your job prospects and you will have more control over your career choices.
  3. Developer happiness. By familiarising yourself with different languages and different syntaxes, you will essentially improve your coding skills in general. You will also be quicker at adapting to new languages and improve yourself as a developer.

As you can see, being a Polyglot Programmer only comes with benefits! It looks good on your portfolio as well as improve your job prospects. Once your familiar with the different programming paradigms and syntaxes that different languages have to offer, you will become a better programmer!

Thanks so much for reading up till here! We hope you enjoyed reading! Hit us up if you are interested in becoming a Polyglot Programmer today with The Hacker Collective.

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