To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!

As a recent fresh graduate, I previously saw myself working for a big corporate, having the life of my time, being part of a big change and making the world a better place. Fortunately, that is not the case because when you are in a corporate, chances of being a corporate slave is much higher - which makes no sense when you have spent tens of thousands of dollars on an education that promises a bright future!

Don't get me wrong, education is important and I feel everyone needs it, but maybe it needs some changing? Here are the things I feel that needs to be w0rked on :

High dependency on educators:

One thing about educators is that they will be there for you if you ever need help. You see what's the problem? They WILL BE THERE when you have a problem before you even try to solve it yourself!

With the existence of the internet I am sure finding a solution isn't that hard. All it takes is just some critical thinking, problem solving, and finding ways to ask the question online!

On the side note, I love the idea of an internship placement. Not only it allows you to get real time experience, it generally allows you to learn more! Unfortunately it isn't favored by most students. If only educational institutions would allow longer periods of internship experience!


Who doesn't love diversification right? We put so much diversification in our arts, books, foods, films you name it! Then why aren't we having it in our undergraduate programs?

What do you do with a gender studies degree? and art history? I'm sure if one were to pursue some sort of gender equality advocation your degree won't matter!

Sure, you will have a chance of you to pursue your dream career out of it but what are the chances? What is the demand that you're seeing in the industry?

Neoconceptual mentality:

Isn't it funny how getting over-qualifying education would result in the boost of ones' social ranking?

I have met successful people with little to zero education and arrogant people with high-end qualifications who thinks they're on top of the world - I can tell you that your education level DOES NOT reflect ones' success level.

One thing I can highlight would be the enthusiasm to learn that makes one shine. While overly educated people are blinded by their ego, normal people like you and me adopt the Hacker mindset -not knowing everything but willing to find a solution towards every problem.

Don't get me wrong, getting an education is important too! You need medical students with a proper education to prescribe you the right medicine or a licensed pilot who is flying a commercial plane. These are high risk jobs, but for IT or even running a business. You do not need one, I assure your mistakes are better lessons!

In the end of the day, our education level does not define us individuals. What's important is your ideas and values in life! Just like our learning community with learners of different background! All it takes is just the willingness to learn! Find out more :) ! Take it easy!

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