To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!
We build web applications at a fraction of the cost and half the time.

How can we do this?

  1. We purely focus on web applications. No mobile apps.
  2. We adopt a modern tech stack that allows us to automate most of our work.
  3. We build with only one language. JavaScript. No mixing around. No meddling with Java, C, C++ or any other funky language out there.
  4. We like planning and preparing upfront. This ensure's we capture all the requirements and any potential obstacles upfront.
  5. We only focus on the prototypes and MVP required to get your product out there. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Lastly, we just love tech. We are always looking to continuously improve our code velocity and development.

How we work

  1. We hear your requirements and project scope
  2. We develop a project brief with our feedback
  3. If project brief is agreed, we come up with a rough sketch of the application
  4. Then, we set an agreed proect cost, duration and milestones
  5. If all's good, work starts

What we promise

  1. Quality work on a modern language and tech stack
  2. Proper code documentation for easy handover
  3. Starting things small and simple. (We pride ourselves in being able to make complex things easy)
  4. Only working on the product MVP and not creating some massive full blown application. (Keeps your costs down and time to a mininum)

Have a project in mind? We'd love to hear it  

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