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What is a Hacker's Mindset?

Life Hacking, Bio Hacking, Growth Hacking, Human Hacking (Social Engineering), etc. These are just some of the examples we are all using "hacks" in different parts of our lives in order to usually do something better, more effective, more efficient - somtimes even achieving better outcomes than the usual way of doing things.

Innovation - is the heart of a the hacker's mindset, to continually break things with the intention to find another way of achieving the same outcome (or better)!

(a Hacker with malicious intent is usually called a "cracker").

As seen on Wikipedia: "...individuals who enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming limitations of software systems to achieve novel and clever outcomes.

A Hacker is also highly skeptical, highly curious, and a "tinker-er". A hacker can usually can be seen questioning regular models thinking (of how things are usually done), breaking down [processess, thoughts, structures, beliefs, programs] down using "first principles" thinking.

By doing so, having the ability to recreat the desired outcome/model in a different manner - which enables them to identify gaps, weaknesses, or loop-holes in what the hacker sought to "hack".

So the question is, how do we truly cultivate this mindset? (Yes, it can be learned, like any other mental models)

Do you see a Rabbit or a Duck?
  1. Have a Hacking Coach

Why a Hacking Coach? We have been taught since young to see life in a certain way. This is a natural mental conditioning we have that is cultivated by the environment we have and the people that surrounds us throughout our growth and development in life. Therefore, we need to constantly challenge ourselves to look at life and things from different perspectives & angles. The best way to do so, is to have a coach with you.

This problem is called Functional Fixedness - where we are so fixed on seeing a certain problem in a certain way - that the solution could be actually so simple, but we never could have thought of it in the first place.

A really good coach enables you to look at things from different perspectives. A really good coach will challenge your frame of thoughts, your intrinsice beliefs, and sometimes our whole perspective on life.

Underlying it all, hacking is truly about perspective - when we are able to see things from all angles of the problem (or as many as possible), we are able to recreate and achieve the desired outcome using a totally novel process.

2. Be Constantly Surrounded by Hackers

"You are the average of the Five People you spend the most time with." ~ Jim Rohn.

Imagine living day in, day out with hackers - every day of your life. What will you be doing together? What will you be talking about? What will you be thinking about? What will you be eating & drinking? (I believe it will be bio-hacking related stuff ;))

Imagine you spent living everyday with the best 5 hackers in the world in any particular field - what would you have gained?

When you immerse yourself in an environment full of hackers - hacking becomes the norm. Hacking becomes part of everyday life - imagine how would that affect the way you think and see everything?

The Hacker Collective is the best place to do this - to find like minded people, using the "hacker mindset" to solve real world issues.

This is the place - to cultivate your true hacking potential!

3. Question everything. EVERYTHING.

A true hacker questions EVERYTHING. Nothing goes unchecked, nothing is left to assumptions.

By questioning, we challenge our perspectives.

By questioning, we challenge way things are already done.

By questioning, we get to the root of the problem.

That is the core of innovation, that is the core of the hacker's mindset.

Now you know how to cultivate the hacker's mindset...

  1. What are you going to do about it?
  2. What is your purpose of developing a hacker's mindset?
  3. What problem are you trying to solve?

The world is in your hands.

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