To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!

We want to share your ideas and hear your opinions. In this Covid Age, we need to be constantly adapting and changing to the new demands of the world.

Thus we at The Hacker Collective want to reach out and hear diverse ideas and opinions from everyone who has something to share.
Who are we? We are a community of hackers, individuals who think out of the box and adopt the hacker mindset. Hacking food, hacking cars, hacking tech, hacking learning.
Hacking just means doing something outside the norm and not for it's  intended purpose. Above all, we are individuals who want to up skill ourselves and make this world a better place. Living on the cutting edge of life.

In this age of innovation, this is what we need.

How do we share your ideas?

We have a fast growing online community of dynamic individuals who are always seeking to make change in this world. Reach out to them, grow your profile and find new collaborators.
It's only when we put ourselves out there to be reached can we find new opportunities.

1) We create a town hall session where we live stream our interview with you to the community
2) We post up your profile on our social media sites.
3) We give you access to our blog at where you can post articles and become an author of your own.  

Interested to share your story? We'd love to hear from you. Fill up our speaker form here

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