To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!

My parents raised me on an accomplishment system.

So for every A earned, I get RM10.

For every page of a book read, I get a penny.

For every accomplishment in high school, I get dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Not a fancy one though because my dad is a cheapskate.

I grew up being taught that hard work leads to reward. That reward usually being candy or comic books or dinner in a mediocre Chinese restaurant. But I get it. Not everybody has Asian parents to instill a work ethic in them from birth. So how exactly do you just get stuff done?

Well, first, of course, I’d say if you want to get stuff done,


Numerous studies have proven that multitasking actually leads to getting less done throughout the day. You have to focus on one task at a time. Now in the days of tech, I know that can kind of seem counter-intuitive because we have to use so many apps in conjunction just to complete a single task and we often get sidetracked by social media or a side project since we’re so busy zipping around our screens.

But I cannot stress this enough.

"If you actually want to be productive, you have to FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME."

Second, prioritize your To Do List by what’s most important and make it results oriented. So, if today, I say my most important task is to get some Bible reading done, I will put that at the top of my list and write out exactly how many chapters I want to finish whether that’s one, or three, or six.

"If you make your To Do List results oriented, you get RESULTS!"

And finally be realistic with your schedule. I have definitely tried to over-pack my Google Calendar with things without taking real life necessities into account like meals or relaxation or how long it takes for me to travel from one place to another place in KL.

When you set an impossible standard for yourself and you’re not meeting those goals, then you’ll find yourself less motivated because you’re not getting as much done as you expect versus if you’re pacing yourself and completely finishing your day’s work, you feel more motivated when you go to bed ready for next day’s task. I hope this helps you get stuff done. And if all else fails, candies never will.

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