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I recently watched the video Principles of Success by Ray Dalio. In case you don't know, Ray Dalio is one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world, with a net worth of approx USD18Bn.

In this video, he talked about what we need to do to really succeed in life.

There are 2 key things he mentioned why we don't succced.

We are not able to see our blind spots

Everyone sees the world differently. Thus, we as humans, only can see the world from a single perspective. We are usually unable to see beyond what we can see. Thus we have lots of blind spots that we are unable to cover. As a result, it could be those blind spots that prevent us from being successful.

Our ego that prevents us from improving

Everytime someone tells us something we do not like to hear, we thing of it as an attack. We feel it's a crititism of us. However, often times this criticism is valid and they can see this is holding us back.
Thus, what we need to do is be open to constructive criticism from individuals who have our interests at heart and who have a shared goal with us.

Ultimately, he says we need to have a support group, likeminded people that can journey with us, help us along our blind spots and keep us accountable

There are 4 steps to success

We need to set our goals. We need to have a direction. We need to know what we want to achieve, in the next week, the next month and next year.

As we go along our journey, we will encounter problems. We will make mistakes which will cause us to fall.

Every time we try something, we take a leap. Often we will find that the rock is too high, and we trip and fall. They key is being able to get back on your feet and try again.

Diagnose why you fell. Why did you make that mistake. What caused you to not succeed in that particular action.

Finally design for a new plan that will help you get back on your feet and moving again towards your goal.

Finally, people always say, the most important thing is EXECUTION, EXECUTION, EXECUTION. You have to execute. The world is full of cheap ideas. But without execution, they are just ideas, providing no value to you or anyone.

Then repeat this cycle over and over again. We will fall, we will make mistakes, and then we will learn from them and move ever closer towards our ultimate goal.

Life is a series of SUCCESSES and MISTAKES. The key is when you fall, can you get back up and continue on the journey. Can you stick to it?

Which brings me to my key point, when you fall from your mistakes, who do you have to help you diagnose and design your next steps. To get back on your feet?

This is where we need our SUCCESS BUDDIES. People who can help us out where parts are tough.


Because these individuals are like minded people who share our goals and vision for success, they are ambitious and smart in their own right. They have their own unique and diverse ideas. It is this diversity of ideas and backgrounds that will allow us to diagnose our problems better and come up with better plans for the future.

They can share with us all the advice and dangers that each of them knows and sees. Combined together, THEY COVER OUR BLINDSPOTS.

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. But together as a group, let us explore this jungle of life together. Let us not go in alone. Let us succeed together.

We are looking to start up a Success Buddies Support Group.

If you believe in having a support group to hear your problems, listen to others and share ideas, then this group is for you.

Fill up the form below and we will reach out to you

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