To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!

Hacking entails some form of excellence, for example exploring the limits of what is possible, thereby doing something exciting and meaningful

We are exploring the stories of hackers all around South East Asia.

To tell their story, vision and mission and what drives them to become Hackers and Disrupters of their field.

What makes a hacker

Someone who does things out of the box. Someone who sees the world differently through a different lens. When they see a problem, they just want to fix it. To be the change rather than wait for change to happen.

We want to tell your story

Every individual has a story to tell. Let us a platform where we can share your message and spread the word. To the community, to the public, to differnet parts of society that don't normally get to hear your messasge.

We aim to curate all the hackers and tell their visions

Our hope is to inspire individuals out there with stories of hackers, people who overcame all odds and is doing something meaningful in their fields.

Who we are and why are we doing this

We are individuals from The Hacker Collective, a community that believes in the self-taught hacker mindset. Nothing is imporssible for us. We work to think out of the box and disrupt industries and the status quo. We want to find out what it takes to make impact in society and believe constant life-long learning is the way to more our society to the next level.

FAQ - How it works in 3 steps

  1. We schedule a 60 minute call with you to know more about you and your vision.
  2. We create a writeup about your story
  3. We publish your message and story on our blog and community

Are you doing something impactful? We want to tell your story!!

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