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What is HackerDays

It's a single day where innovators and hackers come to brainstorm, validate and create their startup ideas together with the community.

Why we do HackerDays

  1. To spark innovation by bringing diverse individuals to come together and brainstorm ideas.
  2. Provide the opportunity for individuals to meet their future business partners.
  3. To allow individuals to validate their ideas, build it and get the support they need.

What happens on HackerDay

  1. Pitch the idea to the innovators
  2. Gather your team or join others
  3. Brainstorm and solidfy the idea
  4. Craft the idea
    5) Design the UI mockup
    6) Write-up the technology stack
    7) Craft the business plan
  5. Pitch to the judges and investors

What makes the perfect team

The Entrepreneur
Responsibilities: Craft a business plan
The Techie
Responsibilities: Craft a technical architecture and plan
The Designer
Responsibilities: Create a mockup of the product

Prizes for the top 3 teams

  1. Free 1 month membership at the Hacker Collective office
  2. Mentorship by experienced tech and business mentors
  3. Opportunity to get funded by investors


7am       : Breakfast, registration and Networking.
8am       : Idea pitches and groups formation
9am       : Groups brainstorm and solidify the ideas
12pm     : Lunch
4pm       : Presentation to the judges
6pm       : Winners announced


1) Most hackathons require us to code. Do we need to code the MVP?
No. HackDay's are different in that we do not require anyone to code. However we do need your technical plan outlined on how your team intends to build the MVP

2) What if our idea is not a tech idea
That's totally fine. Not every great business idea requires to have a technical element. Just present to us your very awesome business plan. HackDay's are all about brainstorming amazing awesome ideas and making them happen

3) Can I come alone
Yes. You can come alone and form your team on the day itself or join other teams

4) I got more questions
Sure. Just message us on facebook and we will  get back to you ASAP  :)

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