To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!

The Hacker Collective is based on an idea, that if you put enough motivated, creative people in a room, innovation and ideas will flourish. What do we mean by this? At the very essence, it's the exchange and bouncing of ideas from each other that sparks great new thinking. To think out of the box, we need to combine multiple ideas to form newer innovative ideas that an individual alone cannot create. This is what Jason Silva calls "idea sex"

Thus the goal of The Hacker Collective is to unite all these people together, forming a great community for all sorts of creative and impactful endeavors.

Who are we looking for

the hustler at the coffee shop

Tech hackers, car hackers, robotic hackers, business hackers... Literally anyone that wants to  to make stuff happen. We have tons of ideas, opportunities and problems waiting to be solved.

Benefits of joining us?

We are looking for members that want to be part of the collective. As a member, you get few benefits
1) Able to host your own events at the venue free of charge (provided they are in line with The Hacker Collective)

2) Your own profile on The Hacker Collective website. As a certified member hacker, you get to create your own articles and post them through The Hacker Collective Facebook and LinkedIn channels, building a brand name for yourself.

3) Be part of our Whatsapp group where you can network and meet other Hackers, innovators and techies

4) Be the first to know and to join in on our business opportunities and initiatives

5) Lastly but not least, you will be part of an initiative to build a strong exclusive community of innovators, hackers and dynamic individuals looking to make an impact in the country and region.

The responsibilities
1) Be a good ambassador for The Hacker Collective as people will see you as part of The Hacker Collective group
2) Join us for our meetings and be part of the discussion
3) Create events that help build the community
4) Contribute ideas in a meaningful way through articles, blogs, videos or just simple Facebook postings.

I'm interested!! Apply here


1) How much does this cost?
Free. For now.

2) Are there any commitments
No. Only that we expect you to be true to the Hacker Collective brand and vision and be
an active member of the community by participating in events, blogging and promoting the vision

3) What can I expect out of the community
Networking, creating events, a place to call home , access to business opportunities

What is the Hacker Collective

It's a place to empower people with the hacker mindset. No its not hacking computers and stealing data. It's about seeing things differently and being able to solve problems no one else can. It's about having an open mind to new ideas, not being afraid to try new things and always on the lookout for new challenges to be solved.
Our goals is to group these individuals together to make magic happen.

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