To Expand The #Selftaught Movement Across Southeast Asia!

Our top authors

Kee Ming Yu

an optimistic futurist that dreams of space adventure and travelling to distant galaxies and setting up colonies on other planets :)


Marketing | Writer | Digital | Storyteller | Mental Health | Gender Equality | Public Relations | I Do Care

Justin Thong

There are three types of people in the world. 1) Those who can count 2) Those who can't.

TekLoon Cheah

Javascript Developer. I explain via code and words. Personal Mantra: Life is about trying stuff, validating stuff and retry some stuff if it is not working

Andrew Ng

Thought Hacker, Business Growth Hacker, People Hacker. Always for the best of others and to build the next generation.

Isabelle Thye

Author, storyteller, creative misfit, writing about conscious living and personal growth

Hazieq Riefdy

Democratizing automation

Emmelynn Lim

Think big. Believe big. Act big. And the results will be big.

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